Small Self-Care Boosts Bring Big Winter Warmth

None of us enjoy the winter cold all day, every day — here are some easy tips for finding your winter bliss!

Take a warm bath

Whenever you feel like it. They’re more time-consuming than a shower, but that’s the whole point, getting more than a moment to absorb the warmth and let it calm your mood, loosen your muscles and lead to better sleep.

Visualize warmth

Picture yourself in front of a cozy fireplace or in a tropical paradise. Visualization brings inspiration, strength and the power to feel anything, including that humid breeze coming off the ocean or waves of heat radiating from the flames.

Spend time with what brings you joy

This could mean being around family or pets, pursuing an old or new hobby, going to church, doing cardio to your favorite music or seeing what your favorite hiking trail looks like under a blanket of snow.

Bake your favorite breads and treats

Fill your home with the aromatherapy of yeast rising with wheat flour, almond flour, flaxseed meal or whatever you choose to structure your dough. Whichever way of eating you follow, there’s always going to be some baking activity that fills your home with joy.


Our homes tend to get cluttered around Christmas with decorations, outgoing and incoming gifts, holiday crafts and more, so during December and especially January, use your spare time to organize your things, find new homes for what you don’t need or want, and watch your space get lighter and sunnier as a result.

Walk more, drive less

It sounds a little backward but taking a walk while the sun is out gets your body heated up through exercising, the health-giving magic of sunshine and a break from traffic snarls made worse by winter driving hazards.

Give your face and hands love

Cold, dry winter air really does a number on whatever skin is exposed to the ravages. Use heavy, nourishing, creamy moisturizers (as much as your skin type will allow) on your face and hands, avoid the additionally dehydrating effects of those tempting hot showers and, yes, don’t forget that sunscreen!