Your Tongue Holds Mighty Power

by Lynell Cavner, Owner & Master Certified Bowen Practitioner, Lynell & Company

The adult human tongue contains 2,000 to 8,000 taste buds and each of those contain 50 to 150 taste receptor cells.

These receptor cells interact with your food and report their “taste sensing” back to the brain through neurons. These little buds are so specific that they are able to detect every kind of taste quality from salty, sweet, bitter, sour and savory.

Being the initial tasters of the foods and drinks we take in, they were originally developed to keep us healthy by determining if something was safe and healthy or poisonous — differentiating between sweet and bitter could once have been the difference between life and death.

The tongue itself is made up of eight different muscles, making it one of the strongest muscles in our bodies and it holds great power when it comes to tasting!

What is even more amazing is that our taste-receptor cells get replaced every five to 20 days. So whatever links the cells and neurons has to be targeted enough to reconnect every week or two when our body generates new taste-receptor cells. Isn’t that impressive?

The power of the tongue is mighty and dynamic on so many levels. Not only is it the beginning of our digestive system, it holds the power to differentiate tastes and it regenerates every week or so. The tongue is a small part of the body and is extremely agile and quick; it can produce more than 90 words per minute, using more than 20 different movements.

Are you getting an understanding of the power within your tongue? It allows for sweetness in our lives by food and by our words. Your tongue is an important part of your body, and it also is the most dangerous weapon.

Though it cannot physically harm someone like a sword, it can wound the soul. Words have the power to hurt as well as to heal, so you should always take great care of not only what you put on your tongue, but also what you allow to come off of it.

By brushing your teeth and tongue, not smoking, eating a healthy diet and capturing any negative thoughts and allowing only words of joy and encouragement to roll off your tongue, you can help make sure your tongue stays healthy and disease-free.