Your Mouth is the Gateway to Your Body

by Dr. Anson Hooper, DDS, Hooper Family Dental

My wife, kids and I love spending time outdoors, exploring national parks and areas of the country we haven’t previously visited.

A few months ago we had the opportunity to travel to Ouray, Colorado aka the “Switzerland of America.” What a magnificent site, with mountains towering higher than the eye can see, one of the first things we noticed was the tunnel, a gateway if you will, to this awe-inspiring destination.

This image entered my mind while pondering how to depict the connection of the mouth to the rest of the body. Our oral health goes far beyond the “cosmetic” status of our mouth, in fact it’s much broader than the health of our mouth, teeth and gums.

Essentially our mouth is a “gateway” to the rest of our body. In turn, the condition of our teeth and gums has a marked impact on our overall health, including the health of our skin. This means poor oral health can have negative consequences on the entire body. Bacteria residing in our mouth can easily pass into the bloodstream and cause inflammation, infection and disease.

The condition or maintenance of our mouth can most definitely impact the status of our skin regardless of how great our skin care routine is, how healthy our diet may be or even our exercise regimen.

Maintaining different types of metal restorations and dental appliances can help us avoid skin issues.

When these materials start to break down, they can release metal ions into the body, and the linings of the mouth and the digestive system can absorb these metal ions. Depending on the type of ions released, allergens can present themselves and cause dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) and other health problems.

Regular dental checkups with teeth cleaning and thorough home care can aid in nourishing our oral condition, in turn, nurturing our skin.

Practicing good oral health habits will do wonders for your dental health and your complexion!