Your Everyday Life Provides Lots of Movement

Schedule too tight for going to the gym? Binge watching TV too long at a stint? Just feeling sluggish and/or unmotivated?

Here are 20 ways to get moving no matter what shape you’re in or what your everyday life looks like.

1.Stop using drive-thrus.

2. Drink lots of water; walk to bathroom farthest away.

3. Use a hula hoop, or at least emulate that motion.

4. Incorporate walking meetings/discussions (at the office and home).

5. Balance on an exercise ball.

6. Cook a few complicated recipes that keeping you “hopping” in the kitchen.

7. Garden, or at least do some yard work.

8. Park far away.

9. Dance.

10. Make phone calls while standing or walking.

11. Clean, even if it’s just sweeping the porch.

12. Use a standing desk.

13. Do calf raises.

14. Stand at times when watching TV or folding laundry.

15. Stretch during reading and/or TV time.

16. Take a few laps around the house (inside, outside, both).

17. Carry groceries.

18. Take a walk while waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

19. Avoid moving walkways at airports.

20. Toss a tennis ball to your dog. Repeat. Then again.

Even a few more minutes of movement throughout your day is good for you. Remember that canned goods can be hand weights, any counter is good for modified pushups or planks and stairs are good for stepups and practicing balance.