You May not be Sick, You May be Toxic

by Vickie Johnston, Owner and Founder, H2O Health

Your body is amazing, but if it doesn’t have what it needs to do its job it just won’t work.

Just like your car, the radio knob can break, and many other small things can go wrong, and the car will still go down the road but not at optimal performance or functionally. Put diesel in a gas motor and watch what happens. 

The human body is the same way; you have quadrillions of processes going on, 24/7. When all the systems do not function, the whole body begins to break down and fall apart, system by system.  

The body must cleanse before it will use its energy to heal.

Clean water is your body’s best defense. I am not talking about RO (reverse osmosis) water or bottled water. Neither have what your body needs to do its job optimally because they are void of minerals and/or acidic.

The bottled water biz has made billions, while simply filtering the chlorine out, and in many cases is no better than tap, sometimes worse.

We are on a mission to teach people what we have learned about staying healthy in today’s overburdened toxic world.

Most fresh food is treated with pesticides with oil-based petroleum added that don’t wash off, even foods labeled organic. Organic growers can use pesticides, they just must be on the outside of the food, not put on the ground to be absorbed by the root system.

We all must become wise consumers; you and your family’s health depend on it. We are what we eat and drink. Doctors say our children’s health will be worse than ours due to a lifetime of eating and drinking water and nutrient deficient food full of chemicals. 

Start today by simply drinking clean water.

I like what Deepak Chopra says: “The definition of health is returning to wholeness. If you take care of your well-being, you have contributed to the well-being of the world.”  

“Take control of your health before someone else does!”™