Women’s Self-Care Is Health Care

As a 20-year survivor of breast cancer, I can testify to the importance of early detection and quality health care in defeating the disease that is the focus of so many awareness campaigns this month. These have saved so many lives, including my own. 

I also know how important self-care has been for keeping my body and mind in the condition I need them to be to stay energized and confident for the great adventures ahead. 

Seizing the power to care for ourselves in taking an active role in our health care journeys has revolutionized women’s well- being during the past 20 years.

Women’s health, just like men’s, is built on complex interactions between our physical, mental and spiritual selves, which interact in ways that make it easier or harder for us to remain conscious and diligent about caring for ourselves and our health.

That’s why every small action we take in that direction is crucial to the positive outcomes we’re seeking.

While you’re enjoying the autumn weather, remember that taking an extra lap around the park, leaving all the Halloween candy for the kids or finally trying that yoga video you saved months ago will be as important to your health, in their own ways, as your annual mammogram.

Live well,
Associate Publisher