Wishing a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving to Our Furry Family Members

by Loree Walden, Marketing Manager, Yavapai Humane Society

It’s November and I’m sure a lot of you are looking forward to Thanksgiving! It’s been a crazy, year but there is still much to be thankful for, including our furry family members. 

The holidays pose health threats to our animals and extra care should be taken to make sure they stay safe and healthy. Pets won’t be so thankful if they munch on the wrong foods, or if they stumble upon an unattended alcoholic drink.

If you decide to feed your pet a small bite of turkey, make sure it’s boneless, well-cooked and avoid fatty dark meat and skin (a small amount of unseasoned white meat is OK), and never give them any leftover bones. Not only are they a choking hazard, but they can splinter inside your pet’s digestive tract causing extreme damage.

Many of the seasonings used in Thanksgiving dishes are toxic to both dogs and cats and can cause destruction of red blood cells. Chives, garlic, leeks and onions should not be given to pets, and anything that you’ve cooked with those ingredients should be avoided. 

It’s not Thanksgiving without dinner rolls or dessert, and there are dangers there, too. Unbaked dough containing yeast can cause a blockage of the stomach, as the yeast in the dough makes it rise and expand. In addition, the natural fermentation of the yeast in your dog or cat’s stomach can cause alcohol poisoning. Pies, cookies and other desserts should be avoided as many contain chocolate, raisins, currants and a sugar substitute known as Xylitol, all of which are toxic to cats and dogs

With a few extra precautions taken, it can be a happy and safe Thanksgiving for everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Yavapai Humane Society!