Winterize Your Skin for Better Looks & Health

The cold, dry mountain air of winter in Greater Prescott can sap the moisture from even the mushiest skin, adding to the damage from summer and the winter before. Take measures to limit the damage and bring vitality back to your skin.

Use sunscreen
This doesn’t change at all from your summer regimen. Every bit of UV light adds up over time, and you’re still exposed to quite a bit, especially considering our number of sunny days here. And snow has a 100% sunlight reflection factor, too. Wear a lotion of SPF 30 or above, and make sure it offers protection from the full spectrum of UV rays. 

Keep showers and baths short and not so hot
We all love being able to luxuriate in a hot shower or bath in the depths of winter, but in winter the water can damage your skin while drying it out, making it harder to lock in the moisture from the oils and other substances that hot water drives out. 

Moisturize early and often
The ideal time to lotion up your skin is just after stepping out of the shower, when it’s still slightly moist and easier to spread across the surface. But that doesn’t mean you’re one and done for the day. Continue to reapply whenever you get a chance and consider layering a gel containing hyaluronic acid on top of it at least a couple times a day. 

Eat for strong skin
Your skin is also moistened from the inside out, so pay attention to what you include in your diet. Proteins like fish, lean meat and legumes replenish collagen to rebuild your skin, while alcohol and simple carbs lead to dehydration. 

Use a humidifier
The constant assault your skin experiences in the winter between the cold dryness of the outdoors and the warm dryness of heated buildings means it can be seriously hurting (sometimes literally) by bedtime. Sleeping with a cooling mist aimed toward your face is a good idea.