Why Natural Deodorant Might be Right for You

Natural deodorants are just what the name implies, free from ingredients like aluminum, alcohol, parabens and triclosan. Unlike the chemical version, natural deodorants typically use ingredients like coconut oil, tea tree oil, arrowroot, cornstarch and essential oils.

They aim to absorb moisture and mask body odor rather than prevent sweating. But before you make a change, let’s see how and why it may be a good idea.


Water, coconut oil and baking soda are ingredients that are pronounceable, safe and natural. For many people, it is important to keep as many chemicals as they can out of their systems. And after all, natural is better.


Natural deodorants allow your body to sweat, which is normal and essential to regulating your body’s temperature and releasing toxins. Typical deodorants and antiperspirants aim to block the pores to prevent sweating.


The ingredients in natural deodorants are chemical free, so less likely to cause skin irritation. Many contain soothing agents like vitamin E and shea butter. Although some people will have reactions, so be sure to check all ingredients.


Hate those yellow pit stains on your white shirts? Although you might believe that it is a sweat stain, more likely it is a stain from the aluminum and other chemicals reacting to the fabric. Without those chemicals, you are less likely to leave a stain.


Your underarm area contains hormone receptors, which could react to the chemicals in your deodorant. Animal studies have shown that Triclosan, an ingredient in most deodorants, is also an endocrine disruptor, meaning it can mimic hormones or interfere with hormonal signaling.

If you are planning to switch, remember that natural deodorants are not antiperspirants.

Some experts recommend a detox period to give your pits a rest and let the pores clear. Natural deodorants don’t block pores, so you will sweat. But then good bacteria can work, meaning less odor eventually.

And don’t throw in the towel if you’re not impressed. It may take a few tries to find the right one, and there are plenty out there.