Whole Food Plant-Based Diet is easy from Farm to Table

by Jion Sommer, Living Proof Naturally, Whole Food Plant-based Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Meditation Teacher

Many of us have adapted a WFPB (Whole Food Plant-Based) diet for healing diseases, overall health, vitality and longevity. So whether we are cooking delicious WFPB meals at home or dining out, farm to table is a healthy friend.

Farm to table involves buying fresh ingredients grown by local farmers and putting it on your table. It’s buying local.

It’s no secret that the fresher the produce, the more delicious it is, and the best way to ensure freshness is to buy local food. Doing so helps you develop a connection with the food and you become more mindful of what you’re putting in your body.

You vote every time you shop, giving you the ability to support foods and growers you believe in. This is also a great way to learn about where your food comes from and to develop gratitude and meaningful connections with your local farmers.

Why is farm to table better for all of us?

  1. Produce is picked at the peak of freshness and when it is ripe, packing it with more vitamins and nutrients, which translates into a meal full of flavor and health.
  2. Locally sourced food has traveled shorter time and distance preserving the nutrients.
  3. Local farming helps maintain diversity as small local farmers grow different varieties to be able to harvest all year round, which means lots of flavor and color. This helps enhance the health of the soil, making our food more nourishing.
  4. Farms and farmers markets give us a place to learn and to teach our children about seasonal foods and healthy eating. Consider volunteering at a local farm with friends and family.

Did you know that our farmers market has a Carrots for Kids program? The little ones can pick out a free carrot by the information booth.

Explore farm-to-table ideas that celebrate seasonal fruits and vegetables to enhance your WFPB diet.

I encourage you to learn to prepare a few simple WFPB meals that celebrate local seasonal produce like a yummy stir fry or soup. Each time you prepare a farm-to-table meal, you know you’re making a positive difference. You’re supporting a food system that benefits your family, the local economy and the planet.

May all beings benefit.