What is Reiki?

“Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is
well-being, well-being is freedom from disease.”
—Mikao Usui

by Jion Sommer, Plant-based Nutrition Certified Professional, Reiki practitioner & Meditation teacher, Owner, Living Proof Naturally

Mikao Usui was the founder of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system. He was a Buddhist scholar who dedicated his life to helping others.

Usui decided to go on a 21-day retreat on Mt. Kurama in Japan seeking spiritual awakening. While meditating on the retreat he had a miraculous spiritual experience that gave him his ability to heal others and to pass this gift on to others through attunement and led him to create his style of reiki.

Reiki is a type of energy healing and a relaxation technique that allows the body to relax in such a way that it begins to heal itself. The body is an intelligent being and it has everything it needs to heal and release what needs to be released.

We are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. We spend time working on the physical, and we forget about the other energy bodies we have. Reiki will relax your body in such a way that it starts to remove blocks in the body.

Blocks can happen through emotional traumas, such as grief, fear, jealousy and anger. These are heavier, thicker energies, and they don’t just pass through us the way that love and peace does. They get stuck in our physical body because the energy is still there.

Reiki allows the body to relax and release these traumas. It facilitates healing of the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies and connects with the energy in everything that is living and contains life force energy. It helps with headaches, anxiety, depression, brain fog, fatigue, sleep, post-surgical healing, inflammation, addictions and pain.

During a reiki sessions, clients report feeling heat or cold, seeing colors, feeling vibrations, deep relaxation, a meditative state as well as emotional and pain releases. They can be given feedback afterward and additional practices to continue may be recommended.

May all beings benefit.