Wellness – An Old Paradigm Becomes New Again

by Carl Johns, LMT, Mountain Medicine Integrative Wellness Center

As a massage therapist and teacher, I have been promoting the wellness paradigm for 25 years and continue to see the concept grow, particularly in the minds of the general population.

People are seeking the original medicine — what we now call alternative medicine — in greater numbers. Massage, herbal medicine, acupuncture and the healing modalities of many indigenous cultures around the world are based in the concepts of wellness and prevention.

Treatment of illness and injury is an important part of all ancient and modern medicine, but only as a last resort.

To follow up on Cheng Man-ch’ing’s quote, it is said that in ancient China people received acupuncture and herbs at the change of the seasons as prevention. If they became ill, the doctor would then treat them for free.

Imagine how different modern medicine would be if that were still the case!

Modern science and medicine in the west over the last few centuries has become increasingly focused on treatment rather than prevention. This, as the ancients would say, is like digging a well when you are thirsty or crafting weapons while already on the battle field.

This is not the path to successful health care.

There are many reasons for this shift, not the least of which is that treatment is a far more profitable business model than prevention. People are beginning to see that despite the advances of the modern treatment paradigm, we are seeing chronic disease rise dramatically all over the world.

So they are taking matters into their own hands and paying attention to what they eat, the quality of their rest and keeping their bodies moving. They also are using the original/alternative medicine modalities in record numbers with great success.

A word to the wise. Be careful about getting caught in the treatment state of mind.

If you are injured, if you are under stress, don’t wait until you are in chronic pain to start receiving bodywork sessions. The wellness paradigm wants to help you live without that pain or illness.

Eat well, sleep well, move well. Enjoy receiving these gentle, healthful modalities so that living will be a joy.