Weighted Vests Pack on the Pounds & Benefits

We long for ways to get stronger faster, get our heart rates into the stratosphere, burn more fat quickly and meet all our fitness goals. Meet the weighted vest.

You’ve probably heard of them before as a workout accessory used to train professional athletes and elite military recruits. But they’re just as beneficial for the average weekend/weekday warrior, when used correctly.

You shouldn’t wear them for running or other high-intensity exercises until you’ve had a lot of experience with them, and ask your doctor or trainer if you have heart, back or joint problems.

  • Burns more calories and fat — Draping even 10 or 20 pounds over your shoulders and chest can significantly rachet up the intensity of whatever you’re doing — walking, hiking, weightlifting, bodyweight exercises or even just going about your day.

You’re pushing yourself harder and juicing up your metabolism, which is enormously helpful in torching both calories and fat and whittling yourself a stronger figure.

  • Builds muscle and bone strength — Weighted vests are an excellent tool for resistance training, which increases the pressure on your bones and muscles to rebuild themselves stronger and better than before.

This is especially important for preserving their power once aging begins to deplete muscle strength and bone density.

  • Improves balance and posture — Wearing weighted vests while doing anything forces your muscles to engage continuously to shifting weight loads as you lean in different directions and find your center.

Once the vest is off, you’re more likely to hold onto your awareness of this process and carry it throughout the day, contributing to posture and body awareness..

  • Bolsters endurance in less time — The way weighted vests tax your body also forces you to use more energy during each pullup, squat and every other move you make, improving your endurance more efficiently and letting you reap the benefits.
  • Adds variety to your workout — Anything to break up any monotony in your fitness regimen is something to treasure and develop, and cycling in and out of using weighted vests can prove how much they improve your performance when you aren’t wearing them.