Vitamins Drive your Nerve Health

by Lynell Cavnar, Owner & Master Certified Bowen Practitioner, Lynell & Company

Keeping your nerves running smoothly is essential for daily living.

My last article was about the nervous systems that sense and motor our gut health. In this article, you’ll get some broad strokes on how to feed and nourish the nervous systems housed within our bodies.

First, avoid these as much as possible: artificial sweeteners, fake dyes and preservatives — basically anything that doesn’t occur naturally.

Second, try not to overcook your food. When food is overcooked, nearly half the nutritional value is lost.

Third, learn your vitamins, especially C and the Bs when it comes to your nerve health.

Let me introduce vitamin C; this is a “super” vitamin!

It not only strengthens your immune system, it helps to cut back on nerve pain. It’s a great helper with repairing nerve damage, boosting your metabolism, reducing risks of certain kinds of autoimmune diseases and can help slow the aging process down a bit.

You will find “Super C” packed into the pepper family (bell, sweet and hot peppers, alike), along with spinach, thyme, kale, papayas, mustard greens, broccoli, grapefruit, Brussels sprout, oranges, limes, lemons, cherries, melon, blueberries, tomatoes, cranberries, blackberries and cauliflower.

Here a few of the heavy hitters in the B family (being deficient in the Bs, can contribute to nerve pain). An interesting note about the “B family” is that they all need to work together to help each other absorb and nourish the body.

B1 has a direct role in fueling your muscular and nervous system. Unfortunately, only a small portion of this B actually makes it into our system, so sometimes a supplement is needed. You will find B1 in foods like green peas, lentils, black beans and sunflower seeds.

B2 is a key player in helping the other Bs (especially 6) be absorb. You will find this one in almonds, asparagus, beet greens and spinach.

B3 is your converter of food to energy and another helper of absorption of B12. Foods like liver and poultry are loaded with B3.

Your peripheral nervous system needs to be nourished with B12 to function properly. You can find this B packed into poultry, beets, fish, milk and shellfish.

Taking control of your diet by combining your C and Bs with antioxidants, omega’s and water, gives a “nourishful blessing” to your nerves.