Use It or Lose It!

by John Murphy, Founder, Make 100 Healthy Foundation

This phrase sounds like an old cliché, but truer words have never been spoken.

As I celebrate my 60th birthday, (Happy Birthday to me), I reflect on the times I’ve excelled with my fitness regimen as well as the times I let myself go too long without physical exercise and movement. The difference is huge!

I am currently in the zone, working out three to four times a week with an awesome trainer (thank you Robert Oeler; you’re the best!). I am committed to a regular fitness program and that helps me enjoy and excel at fun activities including golf, swimming and hiking.

That’s the point. Once you regularly train and work out, it’s a lot easier to stay fit and healthy. Your energy level is high, and you feel ageless.

But go a week without training, and it’s easy to make excuses and miss another week or more. It’s maddening, but it’s a phenomenon we have all experienced.

The best advice I can give is to make fitness an important and daily part of your life. When you do this on an ongoing basis, your body thrives and craves the challenge of exercise.

Here are my life tips to keep your body fit at any age.

  • Set tangible goals. Consistency is key.
  • Don’t do too much and hurt yourself. Steady as you go.
  • Start with lower weights and slowly build up reps and more weight.
  • Make sure to stretch and foam roll your muscles.
  • Hydrate and avoid starchy carbs. These two steps help recovery and energy levels.

When you are sedentary, you feel aches and pains, lack of energy and little movement. Realize that this is a self-fulfilling future if you allow it. Push yourself to take action and move your body.

Get a trainer or an accountability partner. It helps.

Too many people feel old and tired. This does not have to be your destiny. Remember that you have amazing recuperative powers. Don’t succumb to the lure of laziness. No excuses!

Yes, you can have a lean, mean and healthy body if you incorporate regular exercise into your life. Keep this in mind. You either use it or lose it. I choose to use it. What about you?