Under the Weather? These Tricks May Help

by Heather Burgoyne, Owner, Soar Pilates

As I write, I am recovering from being sick for over a month! I have been battling a chronic case of laryngitis (worst possible thing for a Pilates instructor), a sinus and ear infection.

With this month’s issue on immune health, it seems the perfect opportunity to share what I do when I’m under the weather.

I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or an expert on immune systems. However, I can confidently say I am a health and wellness enthusiast and find these little routines help me feel more at ease from a cold, flu or just down and feeling depressed.

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I drink the glass of water I’ve left by my bed. Think of how many hours it has been since you had a sip of water — add in sickness, extra vitamins or medications you might be taking, I find it amplifies the need to hydrate.

Then it’s onto warm lemon water with honey (which soothes my throat) followed by a cup of green tea or matcha. I usually avoid coffee when sick as it over stimulates my system, but the caffeine headache is a real thing and I find even if I don’t finish that cup of tea, it is a ritual I need.

I tend to load up on supplements. I love SuperPower and Magnesi Om by Moon Juice, Wellness Formula by Source Naturals and Propolis Throat Spray by BeeKeeper’s Naturals.

I double down on consuming whole berries high in antioxidants and likely go overboard in making cold pressed juices loaded with celery (cleanses and detoxifies), cucumber (hydrates), parsley (antiviral properties), ginger (heats and metabolizes the system) and lemon (superstar that reduces inflammation, antioxidant, vitamin C and alkalizes the body).

I eat mostly soups with lots of broth, eggs and also bread, which may seem surprising. These foods are comfort. They give me just the right amount of energy, are nutritious, always sound appetizing, and I can digest them without any trouble.

I also up my self-care routine — showers usually twice daily (hot followed by cold rinse), up my skin care routine, use ice rollers all over and dry brush.

I still take time to meditate, daydream and journal, as well as move, be it five minutes of Pilates, stretching, foam rolling or a light walk.