Try these Simple Ways to Simplify your Life

1. Carry less stuff in your pockets and purse.

2. Have a place to put everything.

3. Consider getting a smaller car.

4. Live in the here and now.

5. Learn how to say no.

6. Declutter — start with the large items you don’t use.

7. Walk, run and bike more.

8. Eat healthy by choosing fresh, whole foods.

9. Live your life more deliberately.

10. Streamline work and home tasks.

11. Learn what “enough” is.

12. Limit your digital communication.

13. Free up your time for important things.

14. Clear your desk.

15. Find inner simplicity through reflection and/or prayer.

16. Focus on quality purchases, not quantity.

17. Learn how to do nothing.

18. Create routines for meals, exercise and relaxation.

19. Single-task.

20. Spend your time with supportive people.

21. Drive slowly.

22. Learn to decompress from stress.