Try Cardio Yoga for the Best of Both

The ancient practice of yoga has endured through today due to its uniquely soothing, meditative style and ability to improve flexibility posture, balance and other crucial muscle-based skills.

It’s evolved down multiple paths since its beginnings thousands of years ago, and that adaptability has been critical to its success.

Cardio yoga was developed to kick the intensity a few notches higher for those who want to get their heart rate up by pushing through the asanas, or poses, at a faster pace. You can increase the intensity even more by wearing ankle or other types of weights.

The result is a more dynamic, demanding form of exercise that those accustomed to gentler formats may not be able to immediately keep up with, though it’s a worthy goal.

These are some of the many benefits you gain from cardio yoga routine, whether it’s done in an in-person class or virtually:

Weight loss

Most forms of yoga don’t reach the intensity of cardio and aren’t recommended for weight loss goals, although its potential for increasing muscle tone is well documented.

Cardio yoga is estimated to burn more calories than some fitness activities including moderate-intensity walking or use of an elliptical but is less effective than jogging or biking at an average pace or hiking.

Cardio yoga does aid weight loss, but like any other exercise needs to be paired with a nutritious diet that creates a calorie deficit.

Stress relief

Yoga is the go-to for many people seeking stress relief. It’s meditative, it focuses on breathwork and requires attention to your body that leaves little room for thinking about non-immediate situations putting you under pressure.

These elements are present in cardio yoga, and the endorphin surges that come with constant movement makes it a great way to release tension throughout your body.

Muscular strength

Yes, we’re talking about cardio yoga, but it’s also magnificent for building and toning your muscles, particularly in the core. Almost every yoga pose qualifies as a bodyweight move, which strengthens muscle, burns fat and boosts your metabolism for weight loss and improved heart health.