Time to Work on your ‘Vigor Potential’

by Lynell Cavner, Owner & Master Certified Bowen Practitioner, Lynell & Company

Let’s increase our “vigor potential” through rejuvenation.

Vigor is an active, well-balanced body with added mental strength that has growth potential; kind of like a plant.

There are seven building blocks of life to create a “vigor potential” framework, at least in my view.:

  • Laughter: The best medicine ever.
  • Sunshine: The best way to obtain vitamin D.
  • Rest: The best way to restore a tired mind and body.
  • Water: The best way to purify your insides.
  • Diet: Take control of it, keep it real (nothing from a box), shop the outside aisle of the store.
  • Air: Take many deep diaphragmatic breaths daily to improve your oxygenation. The more oxygen, the more fat you burn and the better brain function you’ll have.
  • Exercise: The best way to assist your body’s detox action; dance yourself clean.

I am going to add an eighth building block to this list, a little extra self-care at least quarterly if not monthly.

This means allowing yourself to take part in something that refreshes your soul, whether that be volunteering for others or a trip to the ocean or to the mountains or placing yourself on a schedule to receive a body and nerve restoration session.

Maybe it’s just learning to step outside of your comfort zone to learn something new or to learn what your body and mind are capable of.

Our lives can change on a dime, so take time to learn your potential. Take time to love yourself enough, to be brave enough to make necessary changes, to be disciplined enough to actually put in the effort to work for your “vigor potential.”

When we take time to focus inward and do what is necessary to stimulate positive change in our minds and bodies, we create an extremely high dimensional, well-organized group of new neurons within our brains, kind of like a multidimensional sandcastle.

This in turn increases the rejuvenation and wellness potential within the communication between our brain-to-body function.

A session of body and nerve restoration is a wonderful way to smooth out any bumps along the way. It’s an hour or so of allowing our bodies and minds time to regroup, restore and refresh without interruptions.