This is the Year of You!

by Justin Elder, Senior Regional Sales Manager, Global Medevac

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 

I hope as you read this that your 2020 ended with less confusion and chaos than it started with. The retrospection of last year has helped me to understand one aspect of myself a bit more clearly. I guess you could say its 20/20: Hope matters. Dreams matter.

Dreams lie at the heart of life’s true freedom. Holding onto youthful and exuberant visions of becoming larger than one’s self is a character trait desired by all heroes and heroines throughout time. Those dreams are an aspect of commonality that binds us all.

Find an elementary aged child today who has not been asked, “What do you dream about being when you grow up?” It’s normal to be asked to dream — dream big, too! President or astronaut, doctor or police officer, there is actual nobility and beauty in dreaming.

What changed in us? Have we simply lost the will to dream — and dream big? Is it age that stymies the hope, or is it the current condition that keeps us from wanting to be a part of something more than the status quo?

Some live their life above the norm, and I applaud those. It’s not an easy task to stay hopefully motivated through the tribulations of the day to day, to continue to pursue the whims of childhood. However, for this new year, I implore you to sit with your thoughts and see where you rest. Are you comfortable? Or, is there something more?

As January begins, what a wonderful opportunity to rediscover the dream I held once and take steps to accomplish it in 2021.

This is the year for you, too! Dream. Dream big and take those small actionable steps of making that dream a part of your reality. Dream like you did when you were 8, putting a vision to who you would be when you grew up.

It’s never too late.