Think Eco-Friendly in Promoting Health

by Dr. Anson Hooper, DDS, Hooper Family Dental

Growing up on a ranch, I naturally spent the majority of my time outdoors. As I came of age I was able to visit many places throughout the country and enjoy the wonderful outdoors. These experiences helped me realize the need for a more eco-friendly, environmentally conscious mindset.

By taking the time to change the way we think about our effects on the environment and those around us, we can effectively enrich the future of our planet and the health and well-being of generations to come.

Now, as a health care professional, I have a role to play in reducing our environmental impact by using less energy, producing less waste and decreasing pollution.

Here are a few ways we promote environmental health:

  • Paperless charts
  • Reducing single-use plastic, paper products
  • Choosing eco-friendly dental products
  • Disposing of waste responsibly

One way we can focus on sustaining our health is through preventative care. This can be observed in many facets of medicine. The more we care for ourselves before a situation arises, the more manageable, straightforward and often more cost effective the results.

The same can be said for eco-friendly observance!

As we all do our part to reduce waste, increase awareness and strive to do what’s best for the world around us, we can all play our role in bringing about change, and find ways to use platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapies and improve men’s health. PRP is an option to prolong or even occasionally prevent surgical interventions. It is something to talk to your provider about and see if you are a good fit for treatment.