Think About the Meaning of ‘Gift’

by Christine Streveler, Owner, Your Soul Shine

With the holidays upon us, it seems like a great time to remind ourselves of some core principles to keep us grounded. The focus can often get carried away into boxes, bows and obligations.  

Reflecting on the idea of “gift” can be very rewarding. Sometimes, the most meaningful sentiments we can give to another are straight from the heart and simple moments spent together. 

Is there someone on your list who could use the gift of time and connection this year? 

Sometimes that can simply take the form of love, community and support. It can be as simple as a hike on a new trail exploring Mother Nature and sharing energy in that. Reflect on redefining what a gift might be to those you hold close to your heart and what might mean the most to them.

Also, with that, be mindful of how you are fueling yourself … be mindful and present in your consumption. Remember that food and thoughts are both fuel. Make sure both are providing nourishment to your mind, body and spirit.

Feel gratitude and thanks where you can. Notice the soundtrack that plays in your mind, and make sure it is one that builds you up and holds you to your highest self. 

If you feel anxious or down, try to be aware of what you were just thinking. Then try viewing yourself through the lens of those who love you — what would they say to you?

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