The Dynamic Touch: White Flowers for Spring Gardens

by Ken Lain, The Mountain Gardener, Watters Garden Center

White flowers tie gardens together no matter your style, color or scent. Here are the most popular flowers for local gardens.

Candytuft has a 6-inch flower mounded in white flowers butterflies find welcoming. It tolerates drought, which is perfect for rock gardens. Spreads to make a pleasant ground cover in full sun gardens.

Clematis grows better in the mountains than in other parts of the county. White varieties prefer their roots in the shade, where the vines can bloom into the sun. Fragrant white varieties are Sweet Autumn, Snow Queen and Candida.

Dahlia offers cheerful poms of Tiny Treasure, the simple daisy-like blooms of Cherubino and the giant blossoms of dinnerplate.

Daisies, including the classic Becky, used to make daisy chains, grace your gardens from July to September.

Foxglove is famous in shade gardens or grown in containers under patio covers. The new Camelot series offers solid and upright stems packed with blooms.

Gardenias are hardy in local shade gardens. The star-shaped flowers bloom for months with the most fragrance in the morning and sunset.

Hibiscus plants appear luscious, tropical and fun. Hardy hibiscus returns each year. Disco Belle White blooms in the summer heat. Also, the Mochitos series of hibiscus is the largest of the series.

Hydrangea offers softball-sized blossoms that last week upon week, fading to a pleasing green color as summer progresses. Light shade and moist soil equal healthy plants.

Jasmine is most famous for its lingering fragrance. The sweet aroma attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, neighbors and gardeners alike. Try growing this vine as a container plant, trained up a trellis.

Lilac varieties are most common in purple, but white types are the most fragrant.

Peonies are easy to grow. They require rich soil to create classic softball-sized flowers. White varieties like Bowl of Cream, Dr. F.G. Brethour and Nick Shaylor are favorites.

Petunia blooms nonstop from April to Thanksgiving. The Supertunia is a favorite requiring no deadheading. Supertunia Latte is white with stunning veins of purple. New, the gorgeous Supertunia White has a delicate green throat.

Roses remain the quintessential garden flower. For climbers, choose White Dawn with its repeat blooms all season long. Choose Pure Perfume for white shrub roses. Moondance, JFK and Pope John Paul II are stunning in containers. A White Simplicity hedge is best in formal gardens.