Tending to your Skin Benefits your Mental Health

Everyone who practices skin care knows it goes more than skin deep.

Protecting your skin from dryness, cracking and premature aging protects the rest of your body from infection and inflammation. There is a reason the state of your skin is also seen as an indicator of the state of your health.

It also rejuvenates your mental health as you focus on the process of caring for yourself, carving out time to shield your outermost layer from the toxins of the outside world. Concentrating on this positive self-care process calms your mind and puts you in touch with how the rest of your body is feeling, making it easier to find potential trouble spots.

Skin care offers many more emotional health benefits:


Putting in the time to cleanse your skin and layer toner, serum, spot treatments, moisturizer, sunscreen and other balms on it sends a message to you that you’re worth this effort and deserve the same consideration from everyone else in your life.


Bookending the beginning and end of your day with a soothing beauty ritual gives structure to your day and lets you come full circle, spending the start and finish of your day in the same good place, physically and mentally.

Busts Stress

Massaging products into your skin has a meditative aspect, turning your mind inward and tuning out from overstimulation. If you’re caught in a spiral of worry or anxiety, pampering your skin is one of the easiest ways to bring yourself under control.


Setting and reaching goals as attainable as washing your face twice a day and applying some SPF every time you leave the house sets you up for even more success down the road. It builds the tenacity you’ll need to train for that half-marathon or earn that degree!

Financial Incentive

When you invest what can add up to be hundreds of dollars for putting the best skin care products on your face, you won’t want to screw everything up by picking at your skin or rubbing it, or letting acidic tears upset the delicate balance you’ve created!