Tap Your Spirituality This Fall

Autumnal shifts in temperature, vegetation, atmosphere and the fall holidays of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos can put people into a pensive mood. Nature is preparing for its winter slumber, and, while we don’t hibernate, many of us can’t help but slow down after the blaze of summer is gone.

After a busy few months of trying to stay cool, we’re suddenly there. For many of us, it’s the perfect time to turn to the warmth of our spiritual lives.

Here are some of the major steps to take in your journey:

This doesn’t have to be a religious exercise. Learning how to let go of your racing thoughts and fears and just be still with your mind isn’t easy at first, but with practice you will be able to access your intuition and the answers it’s been trying to send to you for years. You can do this through prayer, mindfulness or a guided meditation exercise that invites you to be at peace.

It’s a way of using your energy to help bring good to others. Helping those in need also helps your own spirit. When you give, you also receive. You are a part of a community, so by contributing to the community spirit, you contribute to your own spirit and reinforce your place within the community.

Nature works at its own pace, and when you tune into it during a forest hike, a fishing trip or keeping fresh flowers and branches in your living room, you tune away from your problems and into a wider world. Regardless of how busy we get, we are still creatures linked to the ebb and flow of the natural world, so focusing on that keeps us grounded with who we really are.

Just as looking to nature can bring about spiritual renewal, listening to what our minds and bodies are telling us can help us know what our priorities are and how we should respond to the challenges before us. Meditating will help you form a deeper connection with your intuition, but just doing a “gut check” when deciding how to respond to a situation may send you in some good — and surprising — directions.

As fortunate as we are, some people are never satisfied with what they have. True spirituality means appreciating immaterial things — the things you don’t have to work for. At this moment, you possess valuable treasures. Just your ability to understand these words is a blessing. If your treasures seem small, it is only because you are not appreciating them. Look at the good and your spirit will be refreshed.

If there’s a common theme to all this, it is learning to look at and experience things from a different point of view. Living a spiritual life doesn’t mean retreating from the world but trying to find what matters the most to you, and let that steer your way.