Talk Less, Listen More

Everyone has talked with someone who dominated the conversation, and it’s mighty frustrating. But what if that person talking too much is you?

If you find yourself thinking, “I need to stop talking so much,” or you find your friends interrupting to get a word in, then here are a few tips to begin cultivating balanced conversations.

Impulse control

A lack of impulse control is a top reason why you might talk so much. Listen to what the other person is saying instead of composing what you will say and waiting to talk. Practice taking a conscious pause every time you speak.

Stop interrupting

This is linked to impulse control and happens when someone else is speaking and you talk over them. Or you may finish people’s sentences for them instead of letting them complete their point.

Once again, take a breath before you speak, and use that silence to make sure the other person is finished.

Avoid domination

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, it’s natural. But some take it too far. Of course, conversations do move around, and you can talk about yourself, just don’t force a change of topic constantly.

Ask questions

It’s pretty simple, by asking questions you give the other person a chance to speak. Just be sure to wait for the right moment to ask your questions, don’t interrupt.

Agree to disagree

Learn to accept when other people have views that differ from yours. You don’t have to convince everyone of your opinion. If you find yourself in an argument, try to imagine where they are coming from. It’s OK to disagree.

Think before speaking

Think twice about what you want to say before speaking. This is tied to impulse control because it forces you to think and take a breath before jumping into the conversation.

Ask yourself, “Should I be saying this?”