Take Mental Health Day with Spa Wellness Treatments

Maybe this sounds familiar — you wake up and just cannot go to work. You don’t have a fever or a cough but your brain is drained, and every fiber of your being is saying “no way.”

Discover why mental health is a serious wellness necessity. Learn how spa and wellness treatments like massage, floating, sauna and yoga are excellent ways to soothe your mind as well as your body. 

by Lori Durr, Owner, Sundara Sanctuary

Why Sundara Sanctuary Wellness Spa was created

I first opened Sundara Sanctuary in a fitness center offering massage, skin care and sauna. I people watched and noticed most were overweight and not healthy, but these people were working harder in the gym, at their jobs, and at home than most anyone I knew.

I realized that all these people were in a constant state of fight or flight, not allowing their bodies or minds to enter the rest and digest state. This was keeping them mentally and physically stressed and in full cortisol-making action. This is when I had the vision of expanding to offer treatments that would assist the community becoming mentally and physically healthy.

Tap into constructive ways to find rest, rejuvenation

Float therapy (deprivation tank) allows you to unplug from everyday stimulus, bringing the brain into the beta waves; 60 minutes in the tank is found to be equivalent to four hours of sleep. 

Massage therapy can be the perfect answer allowing the mind and body to relax. A growing body of research is supporting the positive impact of massage therapy for relief of stress, anxiety and depression. Many studies indicate it can provide benefits similar to psychotherapy for certain conditions.

Heat therapy, as experienced in an infrared sauna, increases release of beta endorphin into our brains and blood. This rise in endorphins corresponds to a feeling of pain relief and well-being after a sauna session. Endorphins produce a feeling of calm, happiness and well-being, and have been shown to be important in mitigating symptoms of depression and anxiety.  In one study, a decrease in cortisol was found; cortisol is a stress hormone associated with depressed immune function and diseases of chronic stress.

Yoga releases healthy brain chemicals like endorphins and dopamine. This helps balance mood and combat common mental health issues like depression. Therapists recommend yoga for mental peace, concentration and improved mood.