Take in the Sounds, Smells & Tastes of Summer

by Cathy Clements, Nutritionist & Life Coach, NASM CNC, CPT, FNS, WFS

Can you hear them? The lawnmowers are mowing and there’s the smell of fresh cut grass. I love the summer and all of the smells and tastes that come with it!

I get up earlier in the summer; it must be because of the sun or I just don’t want to waste the day. The house is quiet, a cup of coffee for me, maybe tea for you. Relax and enjoy.

Outside it is already getting warm. Quickly water the vegetable garden, the watermelon and the cantaloupe, then sit by the pool and watch the sun dance off of the small waves I made when I swept the sides.

Everyone begins getting up. Breakfast is light, mostly fruit, and everyone is out and doing something different. Bike rides, running or out for a hike. Back to water the rest of the gardens.

Mid-day, a dip in the pool with sunscreen that smells like coconuts. My skin is slightly bronzed and my flipflops squeak with my wet feet walking around the pool. Colorful towels and bathing suits are hung on chairs to dry.

Dinner feels early, just at dusk cooking outside feels like a luxury: barbecue chicken, salad, watermelon and lemonade. We enjoy the evenings with the breezes, a late swim and watching the stars come out. I love this place!

Sitting on the back patio; some nights instead of a movie we watch the lightning storms dance across the sky — beautiful.

The Fourth of July celebration is exciting with the rodeo, fireworks and more barbecue, all sorts of vegetable salads; fruit, lettuce, potato, maybe beet. All are good.

And, don’t forget the pie! Berries are wonderful and fresh this time of year. Boy, the various pies that are available: blueberry, cherry, blackberry, rhubarb, or rhubarb and strawberry, and of course apple! Yum!

Summer, such a great time of year for being outdoors, cooking outdoors and enjoying fresh foods!