Super Spuds

by Lauri Mackey, CHHC, Positivity Podcaster & Speaker for Women, Authoress at Lauri’s Lemonade Stand

Credit for the name of this recipe goes to my mom who had to feed nine of us growing up! Super Spuds are filling, great to feed a crowd and the ultimate comfort food.

4 lg           Russet potatoes, baked

2 cans      Vegan chili, warmed (Amy’s is a great brand or cook own from scratch)

Black olives, sliced

Green onions, chopped

Plant-based sour cream

Plant-based four-cheese blend

  1. Bake potatoes.
  2. Heat up chili.
  3. While potatoes are still hot, slice open and cut up a bit before adding toppings.
  4. Place chili on potato first.
  5. Add toppings in your favorite order.