Summer, the Fire Element in Action

“Fire: The sun shines the length of you, and the depth.” — Dianne Connelly

Summer is the season of the fire element in traditional Chinese medicine, and brings with it the emotions of joy, love and compassion. The days are long, and we want to gather and enjoy the company of other people.

It is a season for getting out, for doing many things — and for being active! In Flagstaff we are running, hiking, climbing, swimming, biking, and bringing activity into everyday life. There are many athletes training here in the mountains, and there are many weekend warriors out expressing their inner athlete in these mountains, too.

Sports massage is a well-known part of the massage and bodywork world. The tradition goes back to the origins of the Olympics in Greece.

We may see massage therapists out at events helping participants with their overall performance and recovery from their joyful exertion. Bodywork helps tune us for peak performance, and importantly, it helps protect us from injury when we are challenging our bodies in athletic pursuits.

Ask any athlete what will most likely bring an end to their season or their career, whether professional or amateur, and they will all say “injury.”

If you see a group of massage therapists at an event, stop by and sample what they have to offer. You may find someone very knowledgeable about the body and appropriate bodywork.

Before an event, we want work that is vigorous and gets our blood flowing and wakes up our muscular and nervous systems. Post event we want work that calms the nervous system and relaxes the muscles. During injury recovery we want a skilled therapist who understands the stages of injury and applies the right combination of therapies to help us make a full recovery.

In the spaces between, we need ongoing maintenance massage to keep the body tuned and ready for the next burst of summer joy!