Summer is time for Fun Growth

The school calendar has stabilized for most campuses, so parents are getting ready for a fairly typical summer with their children coming back from class and spending all day at home. Families welcome this time with their kids and the chance for them to have a break. 

But it’s still a schedule change that must be juggled and can be especially awkward for parents working from home. While the kids are home for distance learning it’s easy to keep them busy with homework. Here’s a few ideas for keeping them productively entertained that can be enjoyed inside or out, depending on the weather.

Art and craft station

Instead of having to haul out all the supplies for arts and crafts activities and putting things away when they’re done, let them happen spontaneously by setting up a small area with a table or easel, paint, coloring books, crayons, paper, scissors, glue, clay and other supplies as age-appropriate. The station can be set up indoors or in the yard outside an office window. 

New educational toys and books 

Have a Christmas in June for fun presents kids can enjoy all summer long, instead of in the middle of the school year when they may not have time to play or read them and lose interest, or they even get lost or broken. This may mean there’ll be less money left over for the holidays but if so, this can be a good introduction to the concept of living within your means.

Hula hoops 

A great physical activity that builds coordination, endurance and flexibility. It can be done indoors if there’s room, and it’s another relatively stationary outdoor activity easy to keep an eye on. There’s an endless number of games kids can play or invent, and decorating them is a great arty diversion. Put some favorite music on and make it a hula hoop dance party!

Podcasts and audiobooks 

Some kids are auditory learners and excel at retaining knowledge through listening. There’s an infinite number of educational podcasts from which they can learn about fascinating facts and places. Audiobooks can be a great way to introduce them to literature above their reading level. When there’s time, kids love to have an adult sit and read to them too.