Summer: an End to a New Beginning

by Heather Burgoyne, Owner, Soar Pilates

Summer to me is an end to a new beginning. It is a transitional period. We are halfway through the year (holy moly!), and while it feels like a new start to me, it also feels like an end.

There are graduations: preschool, high school and college to be celebrated. We are saying bon voyage to loved ones going on holiday or perhaps saying goodbye to those on the move for a new beginning be it school, career or personal.

In some ways we are saying goodbye to the first half of our 2023 year, but hello and welcome to new adventures ahead.

It is the start of pool parties and summer barbecues and hang sessions with family and friends on the long warm summer days and starry Arizona nights. Summer concerts and festivals become the soundtrack to our lives. There magically seems to be a few extra hours in the day we all have the energy for.

However one thing that stayed tried and true for myself and many of those in the Soar community is the physical wellness routines we have established and put into place over the past few months.

I know personally the Pilates studio has been busy. Clients are coming in and out each and every day committing to their well-being and their movement practice.

They are setting wellness goals for the summer months and figuring out how to stay consistent with holidays approaching. They are sharing stories of hikes they are going on, walks in and around town with friends, bike rides, and paddle board and kayak sessions on the surrounding forest trails and lakes.

Having these wellness routines are so important to us, not only physically but mentally. They help us stay grounded and connected to ourselves and in tune with our bodies.

They allow us to release any tension or stress we may be feeling. And most importantly, they are allowing us to place ourselves first no matter what during some part of our day. Having that healthy habit is the key to our summer and yearly success.