Start your Day with a Walk

Walking each morning has so many benefits, it’s a wonder the sidewalks and parks aren’t backed up like rush-hour traffic every morning with walkers.

Research suggests early morning sunlight exposure is linked to lower body mass index (BMI) and healthier sleep schedules. More studies find even short walks boost creativity and improve mental health.

Of course, talking about starting your day with a morning walk and doing it are two different things. Let’s find out just how to get yourself out there and why a morning walk is so beneficial.

Tricks to make morning walks easier

  1. Lay out everything the night before to streamline the process. If you don’t go, you have to put those clothes away.
  2. Start with short walks. You don’t want to overdo it right away or you’re more likely to skip the next day. Build up to longer walks.
  3. Find a friend to walk with. Accountability goes a long way, not to mention starting your day with pleasant conversation.
  4. Switch up your route for variety and interest. Your walks will feel fresh and more interesting.


Since your heart rate goes up while walking, it directly helps lower your blood pressure.

Sleep Better

A 2017 study found those who exercised in the morning versus the evening experienced better sleep quality at night.

Mental Clarity

A recent study found that adults who started their day with a morning walk improved their cognitive function. It also showed that walking outdoors may help people problem-solve better.

Weight Loss

Walking each day gives you the exercise you need to start or continue weight loss. And first thing in the morning may be motivating to eat right and exercise more.