Squeeze the Most out of your Summer

We’re about halfway into summer now, and you may be thinking: Where is it going? Why aren’t we having more fun?

The regimentation and routine of everyday life throughout the rest of the year is impossible to entirely escape, even during the season traditionally synonymous with school breaks, vacations and long days spent by the pool or exploring the forest.

It’s not too late to rescue your summer from the “blahs” that creep in when you and/or your family are drifting through the season, not getting engaged with anything and waiting around until “real life” starts up again.

It takes just a little planning and imagination to come up with some adventures to bring everyone back on track for a sizzling summer not easily forgotten, even if you don’t have any major vacations coming up.

Explore hometown attractions

Even if you’ve lived in Greater Prescott for some time, there are probably a few places of interest you haven’t been to for a while, if at all. Take a few weekends to visit every single museum, historical site, memorial and roadside attraction, ideally with a timeline or narrative that drives the order in which you see them.

Form a “hike (or bike) of the week” club

This can include family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, anybody who would enjoy the activity and is able to handle roughly the same difficulty of route as you. Take turns choosing from the plethora of trails in our area, but make sure it’s a diverse lineup so you can experience the range of environments we have to choose from.

Buy a kayak or paddle board

Sure, you can rent them at many places, but there’s nothing like having your own to take wherever and whenever you want, learning how to maneuver it so you can glide across the surface of our breathtaking forest and Granite Dells lakes.

Start a garden

If you get started now there are several veggies you can plant for a fall harvest including beets, carrots, lettuce, peas, radishes, Swiss chard and spinach, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac at www.almanac.com. So, try it and see if you’d like to pursue a fall garden.

Full-family soccer

Gather together the canine and human members of your family and everybody’s favorite balls. Buy a few new ones, too, as needed. Take everyone to the park for soccer drills, a great, fun interspecies workout.

Sit up front

Spend some time every evening you can sitting out on the front porch or in the front yard, enjoying the sunset and waving to any neighbor who passes by, either in the car or on foot. You’re likely to build some offline social connections as you enjoy the fresh air and relax into your night.

Picnic or camp in your backyard

Throw out a blanket or pitch a tent, build a fire (if permitted) and roast some kabobs or smores. Play active games, look for constellations in the night sky and get to know the wildlife.