Soaking your Feet Does a Body Good

If you’ve ever had a pedicure, you know the joy of soaking your feet in warm water. (If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?)

But soaking your feet does much more than relax you — it increases circulation, alleviates headaches, cramps, flu symptoms and more.

Research shows that soaking your feet in hot water up to 20 minutes per day can improve your mood, energy level, sleeping habits and aches and pains — and not just in your feet. Your entire body can benefit.

Here are just a few health benefits from immersing your feet in a soothing hot water bath.

Boosts immune system

Footbaths increase your overall body temperature, which relieves muscle tension, alleviates stress and increases white blood cell activity. All of this boosts your immune system, preventing sickness and increasing your overall health.

Add a few drops of lavender and mint to boost your immune-system health.

Helps with pain

Hot water foot soaks can alleviate pain, even in other parts of the body. These include headaches, toothaches, cramps, joint and rheumatic aches and pains, and cold and flu symptoms like cough, nausea and chills.

Treat stiff and swollen feet with a cucumber soak. This is extremely refreshing and helps stiffness.

Increases circulation

Soaking your feet in hot water reduces inflammation and stimulates circulation, bringing congested blood to the dilated vessels in the feet and lower legs.

To reduce inflammation, take an Epsom salt foot soak. Afterward, moisturize your feet since salt dries out your skin.

Fights fatigue

Footbaths could be both calming and energizing. Try including Epsom salt. It’s easily absorbed and replenishes your body’s level of magnesium ions, boosting serotonin, increasing energy and stamina, lowering blood pressure and improving sleeping habits.