‘So Happy Together’ is about Sharing

by John Murphy, Founder, Make 100 Healthy

It’s the catchy title of a classic rock song, but it’s also the foundation of social connection and involvement. Few people can claim to be happy without a circle of family and friends.

That’s because life is so much better when we share special moments with those we love and care about. Happiness is having shared passions and goals, which are a little sweeter when done with people you love.

Recently, I had the pleasure to host my sister and her family for a quick visit as they journeyed across the country. They only had 24 hours to spend here. I wanted them to have fun and be happy experiencing Prescott for the first time.

We went to Watson Lake and explored the breathtaking Dells and took lots of pictures of the landscape and of us all together. You don’t realize it at the moment, but pure happiness is feeling what we all felt just being together and enjoying the majesty of the views and the adventures of climbing rocks.

Then we went down to the putting green at The Club at Prescott Lakes. I taught all three girls how to putt. We had putting contests and had such an exciting and happy time. Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring happiness.

Happiness isn’t all fun and games though. Having a charitable heart and helping those less fortunate than you can create a very happy heart. Caring for a pet is also a great source of happiness. The bond between a loving pet and its owner can bring real joy and happiness.

What can you do to increase your happiness?

One habit that helps my happiness is to start each day with an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Be thankful for all that you have. Think about making others happy. It’s very satisfying to create a joyful experience for those you love and care for. The funny part is that the giver usually shares that happiness and gets just as much satisfaction making a difference for someone.

My dad gave me some good advice when I was younger. He said, “Live each day like it’s your last. You will appreciate every moment and not let small things affect your happiness.”

We all have the right to be happy. Let’s do it together.