Small Changes Lead to Better Health

Here at Prescott Healthy Living we’re all about making the small lifestyle changes and healthy swaps that add up to a stronger you, physically and mentally.

Trying to make drastic changes can be daunting, and as a result we often miss the mark. Committing to a series of small changes can bring noticeable changes to how you feel and look while building your confidence for bigger switches and challenges in the future.

Here’s a look at four rather small but significant changes you can take on this summer and see how much improvement you see in the next three months!

Take a morning walk

Even a short walk early in the day will get it off to the right start with all those good things that happen when you get outside, especially here in our fresh mountain air! You’ll come out of it happier, less stressed and more focused as you begin your day.

Swap soda for water

This will be a hard one for those who have been drinking regular or diet soda for years. But sugary soda’s calories and excess sugar have been linked to weight gain and Type 2 diabetes, while diet soda’s artificial sweeteners may also help trigger these conditions and the metabolic syndrome that can lead to them. Try naturally flavoring water with lemon, lime, mint or other options.

Take the stairs 

There aren’t too many multistory buildings around here outside of historic downtown Prescott, but don’t skip any opportunities to use the stairs to reach a store or office. If you have the time you can even take on some extra flights to get your heart rate up, burn calories and build muscle tone and mass, especially in your legs.

Stand and walk

We should try to remember to get up from our seats every 20 to 30 minutes or so to disrupt some of the risks associated with living a sedentary life; Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some forms of cancer. This applies any time of the day, whether you’re working at a desk or not.