Simple Hacks to Boost your Energy

Hitting an energy slump is never fun. Here are a few simple hacks to get a quick boost:

1. Take a power walk. Just one 20-minute brisk walk can improve energy and focus as much as a cup of coffee.

2. Exercise. Get to the gym and or put on YouTube and move, life weights or dance.

3. Drink water. Drink an 8-ounce glass of water when you feel sluggish. Rehydrate.

4. Essential oils. Try a fragrance that invigorates you, like peppermint or citrus. Dab some on or use a diffuser.

5. Refuel. You may just be hungry. Just make sure you eat something healthy, like protein and healthy carbs, not a candy bar or ice cream, which will only make you more sluggish in an hour.

6. Listen to music. Turn on the jams and listen to your favorite music and sing along. You’ll feel energized before you know it.

7. Phone a friend. If you can’t get out to see a friend or don’t have time, make a phone call. Reach out to that friend who makes you laugh and brings out the best in you.

8. Take your vitamins. If you’re not eating a well-balanced diet, you may have low energy due to vitamin deficiencies. Check with your doctor and see what you are missing. Even B12, magnesium and phosphorus can support your energy levels.

9. Don’t forget coffee. A bit of caffeine never hurts, especially if you’re looking for a quick boost to tackle the laundry or a long walk.