Share the Joy of Movement with your Kids

Keeping up with your workout routine is never easy — especially if you’re parenting young children. Fitting things in around feeding, naptime, storytime, family time, your job and everything else that puts demands on your time is always going to be challenging.

Why not make it less so by incorporating your kids into your sweat sessions some of the time?

Besides saving time and keeping you on schedule, you can model your enjoyment of physical activity and exercise for your little ones, showing them how happy you are and how good it feels! You may need to modify your routine, but it can set your kids up for a lifetime love of chasing physical fitness.

Make it playful

Incorporate physical movement into play. Games and playful exercises are more likely to capture a child’s interest than repetitive or structured routines.

Look for age-appropriate diversions like hide-and-seek, tag or simple sports games. Let them find out how much fun it is to run, stretch their muscles, bounce balls, try silly walks or anything else that crosses their mind.

Get them walking

Look for places you can walk to safely with your kids like the neighborhood park, a friend’s house, a school or even to a store and back, if possible. Leave the stroller at home and try not to pick them up every time they ask you to.

When they get a little older you can give them their own pedometer as they learn to count and set goals.

Encourage free play

Allow unstructured playtime when your child can explore movement on their own terms. This helps them develop creativity, coordination and a love for physical expression.

Try designating a space for physical play at home. This could be a playroom, a backyard or even just an open area where your child can move freely.

Explore all the options

Expose your child to a variety of physical activities. This helps them discover what they enjoy and where their interests lie. It could be swimming, biking, dancing, team sports or individual activities like yoga or martial arts.