Self-Healing through Self-Love & Self-Care

by Carol Lucia Lopez, CHt, PSYCH-K Facilitator, BQH Practitioner, Carol Lucia Frequency Healing

Both men and women can use more healing on so many levels, but in my experience, women seem to have a tougher time with self-love and self-care.

Consider the “Wonder Woman” syndrome — being everything to everyone. We expect and demand more from ourselves than anyone else does, often resulting in others expecting it from us because we’ve taught them to.

Resulting physical and emotional manifestations of these stressful demands include depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, anger, irritability, sleep disturbances, impaired memory, headaches, fatigue and digestive disruption.

How can we free ourselves from this potentially debilitating stress cycle?

Putting the oxygen mask on ourselves first is an obvious first step. We know this is essential to our well-being, however, putting others first can be a hard habit to break.

Start with self-love. This means viewing ourselves through a different lens: one that’s loving and compassionate.

Consider your best friend in the whole world. Would you berate, criticize, judge or make demands from her or him in the same way you do from yourself? Treat yourself as if you were your own best friend.

I invite you to look at the child within you at whatever age(s) felt the most difficult or painful to you. Did you experience something that caused you to form a belief that you needed to be or do more than you are? Or that you weren’t enough? Or that something you needed wasn’t available to you? That child needs your love and attention.

I do this by examining past experiences and transforming them by accessing the subconscious mind via hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K®, but it can also be accomplished through self-introspection and journaling.

List the things you did today that pleased you. Then add all the qualities in you that make those things possible.

The next, and perhaps most difficult, step is to take that list to the mirror and talk to yourself. Tell yourself all the things you — and the child in you — have been waiting to hear. And don’t forget to forgive yourself while you’re at this!

Do this exercise for a few weeks or make it a daily practice. Before you know it, you will easily transform. But most importantly, you will develop a relationship with that part of you that is precious and beautiful — you’ll see the presence of the Divine within you!