Self-Care Shouldn’t Stop at the Workplace Door

Your self-care routine may include meditation and relaxation at home, running in the park and going to the spa, but have you tried taking it to work? That’s where you’re most likely to encounter the stress, wear and tear and exhaustion you need to recover from in your free time.

Meeting your needs at the workplace can cut down on the time needed to repair yourself after you clock out, so we suggest you try these small acts of kindness to yourself, whatever type of work environment you’re in:

  • Hydrate; recommendations vary but aim for drinking at least half a gallon.
  • Put green plants, whatever size you have room for, around you as you do your job.
  • Keep healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, veggies and fruit on hand.
  • Get up from your desk every 30 to 60 minutes or at least take a momentary break to stretch.
  • Use an app to remind you of breaks and other important tasks.
  • Go outside or open a window to get some fresh air when you can.
  • If possible, consider getting a standing or adjustable-height desk.
  • Remember to maintain good posture, whether you’re standing or sitting.
  • Keep a journal to write down your negative thoughts and stressful triggers.
  • Take the stairs or the long way around the office to talk to someone, rather than emailing or texting.
  • Schedule walking meetings to facilitate bonding and physical activity.
  • Don’t allow people to overload you with work.
  • Listen to your favorite music or podcast while working or on your break.
  • Meditate during at least one of your breaks.
  • Be open with your boss about your needs.
  • Keep your workspace uncluttered, but find room for favorite photos or quotes.
  • Be open to new friendship, but draw boundaries with your co-workers when needed.
  • Take pride in your own and your team’s accomplishments.
  • Keep a comfy sweater or blanket nearby for those chilly days.
  • Build structure into your day, especially when working from home.