Secrets to Longevity – it’s Never too Late to Start

by Caterina Vaticano, Owner, Happy Life Snacks

Ernestine Shepherd is 86 years old. She is considered one of the oldest American female bodybuilders in the world. She is remarkable and an inspiration to many worldwide.

She teaches us that it’s never to late to start a wellness journey regardless of your age. She is living proof, based on her wellness journey, that with the right mindset and dedication, anything is possible.

Shopping for a swimsuit one day in her mid-50s, she realized she was not happy with the reflection she saw in the mirror. That day, in an instant, she made the decision to change. She had a shift in her mindset and altered the trajectory of her life.

She was not athletic or involved with sports for most of her life, but she decided to start one day at a time. She joined a gym and began working out immediately after her shopping experience.

At 71, after years of living a healthy lifestyle, she won a bodybuilding championship surpassing many competitors, some 10 years her junior.

Here are her tried and true secrets that greatly contributed to her happy, purposeful and healthy life.

  1. She is dedicated to a fitness routine. Stretching, cardio and working out are a part of her regular routine. Dedication is key.
  2. She goes to bed early, doesn’t eat late at night and pays attention to her diet and nutrition. She is committed and focused.
  3. She believes fiercely in the power of a positive attitude.
  4. Rest and recovery are important to her well-being. She ensures she gets good rest after workouts and makes getting a good night’s sleep a priority.
  5. She constantly creates personal goals to keep her mental state of being active.
  6. She maintains a strong social and support network.
  7. She has an open mind and focuses on learning continually.

Ernestine, without a doubt, is an inspiration. It’s never too late to start taking care of our health.

With the right mindset, consistency and dedication anybody can achieve a healthy body and mind regardless of age. Let Ernestine remind us that anything is possible, and things in our life can change for the better in an instant, once we decide to change.

Cheers to our optimal health and well-being.