Restore your Power

by John Murphy, Founder, Make 100 Healthy

Let’s face it. Our bodies and minds are constantly being assaulted with chemicals, additives and stress. We have 5G and low-level radiation bombarding us. It’s no wonder that many feel depleted, depressed and diminished.

What can you do about it?

The road to health and wellness — physically, mentally and spiritually — is one that anyone can use to restore themselves. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities of renewal, hope and healing. It sounds simple, but the truth is we can do almost anything, if we have the energy and commitment to change and take action to make it happen.

How can we restore our power and energy?

It starts with the recognition that the cards are stacked against us. We cannot effect real change until we accept that we need to rethink every part of our lives.

What we eat and drink, our daily physical activity, our attitude toward ourselves and others, our sense of purpose and value to our community. These are all key elements to help restore your power.

Whether you are a teenager or senior citizen, there are always issues and challenges. It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle adversity, illness and tragedy.

First, take an inventory of what you eat and drink. Write down everything. You may be surprised to see what you use for fuel. Adjust accordingly.

Closely evaluate all medications and aids you use. Research the effects of each. Consult with your doctor or holistic practitioner to review and evaluate what you truly need. Cutting meds in half may help lessen side effects. Replacing meds with natural remedies may help you feel better too.

Give thanks for all you DO have. Ask for strength and guidance from God or your higher power. Lean on those who have transformed their health and energy.

  • Eat natural food like fruits and vegetables.
  • Eliminate processed foods and drinks.
  • Drink water — half your body weight in ounces.
  • Unplug from media and “the news.”
  • Be grateful for each day.
  • STOP making excuses.

If you apply these tips you may be amazed at how much more energy and vitality you will feel as you restore your power. Remember, nothing changes until you do! Take the first step today. You will be glad you did.