Reset your Mind & Body After you Clock Out

We want to step out of workday mode once we’re done, but it’s much harder than it seems with more work being done at home and the electronic leashes stretching further and further wherever you happen to be on the planet.

It takes more of an effort than ever to fully detach from the physical and mental stress that often accompanies our careers.

When it’s time to shift into home life, socializing, fitness pursuits or simply lounging in front of the TV, we benefit from inserting a diverting, relaxing activity in between instead of just diving into the rest of our life.

Even if we don’t always have time for one, squeezing it in as often as we can helps lower our blood pressure and offers relief from other symptoms of stress. Read on for a few wind-down rituals you can try:

  • Get away from your workspace — It’s still very possible to do this if you’re working from home by steering clear from your office if you have one, and/or putting your laptop away in its case or draping a blanket, sheet or other attractive cloth over a desktop CPU and monitor.
  • Get mindful — Chasing tasks all day has probably left you feeling frazzled and scattered so it’s a good time to check in with yourself and the present moment. Taking even a couple of minutes once you’re off work to tap into your body and mind to find out what your current needs are is a perfect way to start your evening.
  • Get on your feet — The majority of us spend our workdays sitting down, but even if you don’t this can be a good idea. Cooling your muscles down from an active shift is just as important as getting up to stretch them out after long hours spent in your chair.
  • Get out — Nothing will refresh your mind and body more than getting outside. If the weather permits it at all, get to your yard or out on the trail, playing field or wherever you’re most at home in our area’s spectacular naturescape.