Raven Café Creates ‘a Village’

by Kaileena Martin, Bartender, Raven Café

It’s taken years of curating and innovation to bring you Raven Café as we now know it. As it continues to grow, the possibilities seem endless.

Time and time again, it proves not just to be a place to gather over food and drink, but a platform of creativity where neighbors and strangers, staff and friends can together enjoy in unparalleled uniqueness. 

The old adage “It takes a village” is alive and well, embodied in the structure of this cafe’s devotion to its town. How many local artists have had their work displayed and sold throughout the dining room and down the halls? I know I have a small collection of my own, purchased right off those walls. 

The ceramic mural on our roof-top patio? Did you know it was created by a group of kids from one of our local schools? There have been welders, carpenters, graphic designers and chefs who have shaped the iconic telltale traits of this cafe. During the holiday season, we decorated head to toe with live evergreens by our very own in house gardener.

All this because of vision, community and love of the arts. This house invites collaboration among all media and on the weekends before the pandemic, music filled the building with live performances from touring bands or ones homegrown in Prescott.

Now, with adapting technology, streaming performances with Raven Productions brings that original music right into your home. Live streams are available at www.ravenproductionsmedia.com or www.facebook.com/ravenpromedia

There is always a way to encourage art, of any medium, and at the core of this business’s heart there will always be a way to bring it to your life.

Raven Cafe Facebook | Photo: Raven Paccioni