Q&A Cathy Clements

Nutritionist & Life Coach, NASM CNC, CPT, FNS, WFS

What type of exercise (weights, cardio, yoga, Pilates, etc.) do you prefer and why?I lift weights four-five days a week, I do Pilates or yoga one or two days a week, and I run currently because of a goal I have made for myself this year. But as the weather warms I also like to swim.

I have chosen these to maintain the best health I can as I mature. It is important to be strong but also flexible and have balance. One injury that can really change my fitness is twisting an ankle or breaking something from falling. 

Yoga and Pilates give me flexibility and balance. The weight training gives me the strength to do activities like hiking, skiing and running. Cardiovascular conditioning gives me health and endurance to accomplish a multitude of activities.

What are your practices to keep yourself and your family healthy?
Self-care to me is combining exercise and nutrition with those things that relax and release the tension in my muscles. 

It is important to release the knots in my muscles when I add weights and change workouts. At a minimum, I get a massage once a month. Additionally, I see a chiropractor. 

All of these self-care items keep me feeling wonderful. My body is more balanced and flexible. 

What is your favorite healthy meal?
Chicken Marsala. I love cooking with my husband, and we enjoy trying new recipes. When we just want a quick meal and don’t want to think about a meal, it’s Chicken Marsala.

What is your biggest health and wellness tip?
Keep moving! It is very important as we mature to keep moving. The old adage “move it or lose it” is true.

The more you find yourself sitting the weaker in your back, glutes and hamstrings become. The weakness in these muscles affect the front of your body as well. There becomes an imbalance in your muscles.

What is your next goal in your health and wellness journey?
My next health goals for me in 2021 are to reduce my weight and bring my body fat down, and I would love to compete in a road race, if there are any on the calendar. 

I enjoy running, but now and again need to feel energized by a race with the pull of other competitors. I have run by myself for all of 2020 and completed virtual runs.

Cathy Clements   |   Photo: Blushing Cactus Photography