Q&A Dr. Karissa Walton, NMD, Founder & Medical Director, The Mobile Health Doc

How do you define a healthy lifestyle?

One that includes clean air, clean water, real organic foods of all kinds, loving relationships, lots of laughter, relaxation time, lots of movement and a sense of purpose.

How did you come to practice in your career field?
Through the study of tai chi. As I became more interested in my own health, I wanted to help others. As I was trying to figure out how I might do this, I got a really good massage and started investigating massage schools. This was all happening in the early to mid-1990s. Once I started studying and doing the work, I knew I had found my calling.

What type of exercise (weights, cardio, yoga, Pilates, etc.) do you prefer and why?
People have always asked me about the wisdom of different types of exercise, and I have always told them to take a look at the parks in Beijing and see all the 100-year-old people out there doing tai chi and qigong with fluid, flexible bodies. But aside from any organized form like that, the real answer is to walk. We are designed for walking, and the more we do it, the more we will be able to do it for all of our days on this Earth.

How do you define self-care, and what is your go-to way of practicing it?
I would define self-care as any activity that takes you away from the hustle-bustle of life, that makes you happy, and that feeds your spirit. I am a jazz flute player, and all my life playing music has been my love and my self-care. Also my wife Gina and I are both massage therapists, and we give a little work to each other daily.

What is your favorite healthy meal?
Gina is truly an artist with food and ingredients. It takes a fair amount of attention these days to avoid all the “better-world-through-chemistry” foods out there and only eat real, unpolluted food. We are “qualitarians” — meaning we eat all kinds of food, but only of the best quality.

What is your biggest health and wellness tip?
Smile more — see: www.ted.com/talks/ron_gutman_the_hidden_power_of_smiling/transcript

What is your next goal in your health and wellness journey?
To keep developing the art of bodywork, and to keep sharing what I have learned.