Q&A: Blayne Soriano Level 2 CrossFit Coach & CrossFit Kids Coach

How do you define a healthy lifestyle?
Consistency, hands down.

How did you come to practice in your career field?
It’s something I personally do, so leading by example to help others just was so fitting.

What type of exercise do you prefer and why?
CrossFit, I absolutely love it. It’s constantly varied, and it challenges me in multiple ways no other regimen has.

What does your exercise schedule look like on a typical day, week?
I train five to six days a week, 45 to 60 minutes. Two or three days a week I add in a second workout, but it’s important that I don’t over train and that I am feeding my body the right nutritional intake when I do so. I train as a competitive athlete.

What are your practices to keep yourself/family healthy?
Lead by example, what I do, says more than my words.

How do you define self-care; what is your go-to way of practicing it?
Mind, body and soul health. I think recovery, sleep, what you feed your mind such as books, podcast, environment, your overall nutrition, movement like exercise, is a daily practice always.

Favorite healthy food/snack?
Food — so hard to choose. I love a good homemade pizza. Snacks — veggies and hummus or dip, all fruits, nuts and seeds.

What is your favorite healthy meal?
Like above I said homemade pizza, with organic ingredients, but honestly anything with meat and tons of veggies, either roasted, grilled, big salads, you name it. I just like foods that make me feel good.

What is your biggest health, wellness tip?
If you can’t do it on your own, reach out to someone for help. It’s important to invest in yourself and the time to feel your best.

What is your next goal in your health, wellness journey?
I’d love to get my L3, which is the next CrossFit certification and venture out more. So stay tuned.