Q&A Amanda Foster, Riagan Fundalewicz & Kam York, Owners, The Hike Shack

How do you define a healthy lifestyle?

A good balance of work, play, family and friends.

How did you come to practice in your career field?
Amanda was working in this field in high school and worked up to owning The Hike Shack. Kam and Raigan bought into the business in 2011 when they left the car business. We all grew up playing in the outdoors.

What type of exercise do you prefer and why?
Anything outside — walking, bicycling, hiking, paddle boarding, climbing, backpacking, pickleball.

What does your exercise schedule look like on a typical day or week?
We all try to get outside to play a few times every week.

How often do you exercise and for how long?
Amanda exercises probably more than Raigan and Kam. She is doing something fun almost every day.

What are your practices to keep yourself and your family healthy?
Eating as well as we can and staying active with our kids. We also try to listen to our bodies and do what is necessary to stay healthy.

How do you define self-care, and what is your go-to way of practicing it?
Knowing our personal limits and sticking to them. We all try to do too much and have to slow down sometimes. We try to take fun vacations throughout the year to keep us motivated when we are working.

What is your favorite healthy snack/food?
Popcorn, fruit and nuts.

What is your favorite healthy meal?
Salads. We all three love salads especially from lots of the amazing downtown restaurants.

What is your biggest health and wellness tip?
The three of us all try to maintain balance and don’t let ourselves get too run down or overworked and instead take time for ourselves.

What is your next goal in your health and wellness journey?
Learn more about the homeopathic world that is out there.