Prescott, Where Community Well-Being Counts

by Billie Orr, Councilwoman, City of Prescott

In October, I introduced the vision and mission of the Prescott Commission on Well-Being. We began our journey through the five elements beginning with Purpose: What makes us get out of bed every morning. 

The remaining elements are equally important; Community, Social, Financial and Physical. This month let’s explore more about Community Well-Being.

About a year ago friends from Montana were checking out several possible locations in the Southwest in which to relocate. When Prescott came up on their radar, they gave me a call and came to visit. Every destination on their list was a beautiful locale with magnificent scenery and weather.

Being one of Prescott’s most vocal cheerleaders, I shared with them, “Yes, these are all beautiful places to live, learn, work and play, but if you want to be part of a dynamic community, the City of Prescott is your answer.”

In my opinion, one of the things that makes Prescott so very special is the various opportunities for people to be involved and engaged. We have over 2,200 nonprofits in Yavapai County with which to volunteer and contribute! The Prescott community seeks ways to take care of our own throughout the city and county.

 According to Rath and Harter, authors of Well-Being: The Five Essential Elements: “At the highest end of the Community Well-Being continuum is giving back to society. This may be what differentiates an exceptional life from a good one.”

Prescott provides many opportunities for residents to give back and pay it forward. This altruistic behavior increases Community Well-Being in many ways, actually adding to greater longevity and purposeful lives for everyone.

One of the final tenets of Community Well-Being is openness to all, regardless of race, age, gender or sexual orientation. Next month I would like to explore this idea of promoting “Unity in our Community” in Everybody’s Hometown.